Starting September 2022, Mr. Kukuh Wijayanto no longer be part of CV Indo Coco Nucifera (Premiumbriquette), any supplier/agent/client/investor related to him please do contact directly.




Being known as the “Tree of Life”, coconut becomes one of the commodities

Briquette Manufacture

High-quality coconut briquettes are produced through very strict quality control to be labeled as premium briquette that is 100% natural and eco-friendly.

Briquette as Lifestyle

The best coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha are odorless, tasteless burn, and cracks-free which won’t change the taste of shisha tobacco.

When you gaming…

When you gaming unblock casino slots, you may be tempted to try your lot by scrape the cover. Although this may appear comparable a beguiling way to win a few dollars, you should be mindful

Briquette Benefits

When it comes to natural resources, everything that is produced from coconut will include as one of it, such as coconut charcoal that is made to be briquette.

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