Starting September 2022, Mr. Kukuh Wijayanto no longer be part of CV Indo Coco Nucifera (Premiumbriquette), any supplier/agent/client/investor related to him please do contact directly.

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With more than ten years of experience in this sector, we focus on the high-end markets, we expand the business to Plantation and Coconut Oil, Coconut Shell Briquette & derivatives Manufacture. Departing from the experience of serving specific requests from our clients, we are the best manufacturer and exporter 100% of Coconut Shell briquette, Virgin Coconut Oil, CFAD, CCNO & RBDCNO, we can fulfill your request details such as any shape and size of Coconut Shell Briquette or special specification of CFAD and others coconut derivatives product.Raw material coconut harvesting from the best location in Indonesia such as Sulawesi island, Sumatra island, and Java island, from all these islands we will process cleaning, carbonizing, and several steps until we have the final best briquette. We support Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette in bulk and ship worldwide.

As you may know, it is green energy, environmentally friendly and sustainable as well, indeed with our product you indirectly save the world. It is possible if clients would like to visit our manufacture to check activity and product quality as well.

Mission: Preserving nature by using materials that have been provided by nature and recycled. By doing this, we can reduce the cutting/use of trees worldwide. We maintain quality by using 100% natural material, 100% eco-friendly, with results sufficing our clients ‘requests. With the help of the above materials, the client and we directly become companies that can positively impact the surrounding environment’s quality, creating jobs and income for local.

Vision: To be the most renowned company in preserving the environment and caring about society and nature. We are committed to positively impacting the environment’s quality for local and being environmentally friendly.

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