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Shisha or hookah is an activity of smoking tobacco that is heated by charcoal briquette and then inhale the smokes through a water pipe. This cultural tradition has been present throughout generations in Middle Eastern families, which then expanded to other areas. Nowadays, smoking shisha has been an entertaining activity that can easily be found in many countries including Europeans, Africans, and the United States. 

Choosing the coals to burn the tobacco is an important aspect while setting shisha, as it will affect the process and the flavor of the tobacco. There are so many types, sizes, and shapes of charcoal to choose from for shisha, but not all of them giving the best result for your shisha experience. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best shisha charcoal for you.

  1. The Type of Shisha Charcoal

There are two types of shisha charcoal: natural and quick-light. Natural coal is organic, cheaper, and fresher, while instant quick-lighting coal is faster to ignite as it only takes 30 seconds to ignite instead of natural coal’s up-to 10 minutes ignite time. In terms of taste, natural shisha charcoal is better because it offers the purest tobacco taste. On the other hand, quick-lighting coal smells a bit weird and may cause massive headaches or strange sensations while smoking because of the chemical contains in the coal.

  1. The Briquette Materials

The materials used for each type of shisha are different and may affect the after-taste of shisha tobacco. The natural shisha charcoal is typically made from compressed coconut husks or wood-based coal. The other raw materials that can be used to produce shisha charcoal are bamboo, olive wood, or citrus wood. Even though wood or sawdust charcoal is cheaper, it releases unpleasant odors that may change the taste of shisha tobacco. 

  1. The Briquette Shapes

There are many shapes of shisha charcoal briquettes, each of them has different qualities and gives different processes and results in your shisha experience. The most common shapes that can be found in the market are cubes, flats, fingers/sticks, hexagons, and circles/discs. 

Cube briquette is the most common type of shisha coal that has six flat equal dice which make them very stable while burning. A similar type to cube briquette is the finger/stick briquette, with the better advantage of less likely to cause heat spikes than cube briquette. Cuboid briquette is a rectangular version of the sticks, but you need to be careful while buying the cuboid-shaped briquette because many quick-light coals come in this shape too. The best shape of shisha charcoal briquette is the hexagon briquette, it has all benefits of other charcoal briquette shapes and shows more stability. 

  1. The Charcoal Briquette Quality

There are some qualifications for shisha charcoal’s quality: hardness, density, ignition time, and longevity. The charcoal must be hard enough that it will not be broken easily when you hold it with a tong especially after it is burned. It also has to have a high density. What also important about charcoal quality is the ignition time and longevity, which are depending on the size and shape of charcoal. Charcoal with good quality will be easy to ignite and quick to be heated. It is also better to be able to burn longer with persistent heat. 

By looking at those characteristics of shisha charcoal, all you have to make sure is to choose charcoal that is made from 100% natural materials. Coconut charcoal briquettes are odorless, tasteless burn, and cracks-free which won’t change the taste of shisha tobacco. It is also 100% chemical-free and easy to dispose of after cool down. 

Indo Coco Nucifera produces premium coconut charcoal briquette with high quality for the best shisha experience. We are ready to export our briquette to fulfill your needs. To learn more about our coconut charcoal briquette product for shisha/hookah, contact us through the link below.


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