Briquette Manufacture


High-quality coconut charcoal briquettes are produced through very strict quality control on every process of production. From harvesting the raw material until the packaging process before shipment to export the briquette, everything should follow the protocols to make sure that the products we deliver to you are as qualified as our promises. How is the process of making premium briquette from coconut raw materials? Here we are going through every process of making premium coconut charcoal briquette.

  1. Harvesting Raw Materials

The raw material of coconut charcoal briquette is coconut shells. Our coconut shells are produced in several best coconut plantations in Indonesia such as Sulawesi Island, Sumatra Island, and Java Island. The coconut shells harvested will be sorted to go through a cleaning process before getting into the carbonizing and charcoal production process.

  1. Charcoal Production

The process of charcoal production is the most important in making coconut charcoal briquette. Here, the selected coconut shells that have been cleaned will be carbonized to convert coconut shells to become char or charcoal. This process is also called charring or pyrolysis, in which the coconut shells will be subjected to very high temperatures for several hours to break down into charcoal. After that, the charcoal will go to the pacification phase to be cooled naturally and then be unloaded to go through another screening process before being crushed into powder and continue the process to be briquettes.

  1. Briquetting Process

Briquetting is a process of binding crushed charcoal into a solid block compressed material under pressure. Here, the charcoal powder will be controlled for consistency and then mixed with an eco-friendly binder such as tapioca starch until the charcoal powder is all coated. After that, the material will be moved to briquette pressing machines and then being pressed and shaped into the desired shape and size following the demand of consumers.

  1. Drying

After briquetting process, the final product of coconut charcoal briquettes will be dried using industrial ovens until the desired moisture level is achieved. After that, the briquettes are cooled down to room temperature before being packaged. In this process, the moisture of briquettes will be totally controlled to make sure the products have consistent moisture levels based on the qualification to be classified as premium briquettes.

  1. Packaging

The packaging of coconut charcoal briquettes will follow the demand of consumers. The final quality control will be done here to make sure that our packaging is safe to export briquettes even to African, Middle Eastern, or European countries. As every pack of the coconut charcoal briquettes passed the quality control, then the products will be shipped to our respective customers.

The coconut charcoal briquettes produced by Indo Coco Nucifera have passed the quality control of each process in which the moisture, volatile, and lighting time of the product are lab tested and checked very carefully to make sure our products match with your needs. Our products are also produced and processed with an eco-friendly approach by using 100% natural ingredients, making sure that the premium quality we promised is trusted and reliable. To get to know more about our products and other detailed inquiries, please contact us through the link below.


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