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Being known as the “Tree of Life”, coconut becomes one of the commodities that is developed in around 93 countries in the world, mostly being produced to be produced as fresh coconut, copra, coconut oil, activated carbon, and coconut briquette. According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), national plantation for coconut in Indonesia has reached almost 3.7 million hectares with the top ten contributors are Riau (15%), East Java (8.1%), North Sulawesi (7.6%), Central Java (6.4%), Central Sulawesi (5.9%), North Maluku (5.8%), East Java (5%), East Nusa Tenggara (4.2%), Lampung (3.4%), and Jambi (3.2%).

Although coconut plantations are cultivated all around Indonesia, coconut production from each plantation has different characteristics for different uses. For instance, the best coconut materials to be produced as premium coconut briquette are those that are planted in Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.

Coconut Plantation in Java Island

Coconut shells from Java are determined as very well materials to be produced as coconut charcoal briquette. However, it’s very rare to find coconut shells with white ash because most of the coconuts contain 7 to 15% ash which resulting in a very dark color of charcoal briquettes. This ash content and color do not only depend on the soil property of the plantation are but also the season of the materials is harvested. In the wet season, the charcoal shells will have a darker color and higher ash content. It is best to harvest in the dry season to obtain coconut shell with better ash quality.

Coconut Plantation in Sumatra Island

The people in Sumatra are very used to consuming coconut and use every part of the plant as food, medicine, building material, and charcoal. It is not unique to find huge coconut plantations in Sumatra especially in Riau, Jambi, West Sumatra, and North Sumatra. The best coconut raw material to be produced as coconut charcoal briquette will depend on the region of a coconut plantation. Usually, the best raw materials are produced in Lampung or Jambi since the coconut shells from those areas have very thick dark ash characteristics.

Coconut Plantation in Sulawesi Island

The best coconut shells to produce high-quality shisha briquettes to export can be found in Sulawesi Island, especially in the plantation area of North Sulawesi. The coconut shells from this area produced white ash color with low ash content and high fixed carbon. Those kinds of ash characteristics will be a good use for shisha/hookah because they will lead to higher heat produced and longer burn time, but less ash produced during the burning period.

The coconut materials from Indonesia are proved to be the best coconut materials for many kinds of products, either it is for food, medicine, skincare, or charcoal. There is no doubt about importing coconut products, especially premium coconut briquettes from Indonesia. One of the best manufacturer and exporter of coconut shell charcoal briquettes is Indo Coco Nucifera. We only produced coconut charcoal from the best location such as Sulawesi Island, Sumatra Island, and Sumatra island, to support you with the best premium briquettes for BBQ or shisha/hookah. Find out more about our products and contact us now for further inquiries.


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